I am on the road again

... this will be fun

by Casa

I know that I am going on the road again.  I have heard my parents talking for a few months about something called Triple A and maps and stuff.  And when I saw the suitcases appear upstairs I knew that means more than just a week-end to Maine.


Now there are boxes being filled with a variety of things. There is a box called “dry food”, and this has crackers, sardines, cans of fruit, salad, almond butter and cookies so far. Another box is set up for what my parents call the “Meds box”. I see them putting something called Tylenol in the box along with containers of pills and vitamins. Now my favorite box is the one they call “Casa’s Box”; this has an extra leash and harness (just in case). I see a new bag of my regular food and a small box of the wonderful pouches of moist food that I really like. There are new treats and my heart pill to take before we get home again.

I hear we are going to Florida, a place called Land O’ Lakes. I have been there before and I really love it at the home of the sister-in-law of one of my parents. I am not sure what a sister-in-law is but she is a very nice person. Her house is on a river with birds and fish and all kinds of beautiful trees for the chipmunks and squirrels.

I have been taken to Pet Smart for my going away bath and I even had my nails trimmed. This took about two hours in human time but it seemed like a whole day to me.

I am trying to be patient about the whole thing but I am so ready to go south again. You know I came from Puerto Rico, didn’t you? And that is really south!

I can hear the talk about back roads and the Blue Ridge Parkway and motels that take dogs. We will stop in small towns and have our lunches in some local parks, I think.

I love riding in the front seat on my parents lap. Well, there are two pillows I sit on so I can get a good view out the front window. There is little to bark at but so much to see, and when we stop there are so many new smells where I can leave my own mark.

This is going to be fun, I just know it.  We will probably be home when you read this but maybe next month I can tell you what we really did on the trip to the Sunshine State.

May 7,2010

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