A snippet of tips for freestyle floral design

... strategic stem-snipping yields "freestyle" creations at Melrose Garden Club

by Carole Tate

Garden Clubbers enjoying their floral creations
Do-It-Yourself floral arranging featured local florist "Tibby" (3rd from left in photo)at the May meeting of the Melrose Garden Club, held at the Levi Gould House.

Arranging flowers in a floral basket (center) and watering pot(far right)
In the basket container, the stem height and spread reflected the size and shape of the basket and its handle.

In the watering pot container, the height of the flower stems reflected the curve of the pot's handle and spout.

Tibby of Melrose-Wakefield Florist, Main Street, shows the importance of stem length in a bud vase.
Tibby also demonstrated using the freestyle technique to assemble a hand-held bouquet of all-the-same flower for a quick and easy gift. A raffle was held to award all the workshop arrangements to participants.  Prior to the workshop, speaker Stephen Cefalo described how a plastic milk crate and cardboard box could be used to create a potato garden for patio, porch or back yard.

May 7, 2010

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