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Ahead of her time

... A broken water main wouldn't phaze my Aunt Jenny

by Eleanor Jenkins

Aunt Jenny and friends
I read the Boston Globe story about the water main break in Weston, Massachusetts, affecting 30 cities and towns. It reminded me of my fatherís sister, Aunt Jen. She never had any children, but she had a pet dog named Peggy which she treated like a child. Peggy had her own cradle to sleep in at night, and Aunt Jen always tucked her in. Peggy went every where with Aunt Jen; you never saw one of them without the other.

But also, Aunt Jen had many very strict routines. I was allowed to sleep over at Aunt Jen's from time to time and got to know her routines pretty well. First of all in the morning to arouse her deaf husband (before the invention of hearing aids) she would get up first to warm the coffee, and then stand at the foot of the stairs, hitting the bottom of a cast iron frying pan with a metal spoon to make a loud clanging noise to awaken Uncle Harry. She would then return to the kitchen to finish preparing his breakfast. She had prepared most of it the night before.

Her evening routine, after dinner and washing up the dishes,
(no dishwashers yet) she would make a pot of coffee, and a pot of oatmeal and fill a tea kettle with water. "Never know when a water main might break" she would say, and she wanted to be prepared. In the morning, she just reheated the coffee and oatmeal and the day was set to start. And if there was a water main break she was the last to worry about it.

Oh yes she sure was ahead of her time.

P.S. She taught Peggy to sing, and folks thought her daffy. In todayís world she would be a world famous entertainer on the David Letterman show.

May 7, 2010

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