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Letters for June 2010

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Here is a letter from reader Bob Campbell to SilverStringer Jim Driscoll, commenting on our train stories in the May 2010 issue.

Hi Jim:  
Enjoyed reading the train stories in the recent issue of the Mirror. Two of the articles stimulated some memories. Would appreciate it if you'd pass my comments along to Kay McCarte and John Averell.

"Trains..." by Kay McCarte: Oh! how I liked that Flying Yankee as it flew by our football field when we were practicing for our next big football game.  Thanks, too, for great photos of the train.  

"Across Canada by Train" by John Averell: Great memory! My wife and I took this same train ride in 1987. One event we will never forget: we were all ready to leave from home when we heard the railroad had gone on strike!  Disaster? No way! We were going no matter what!!!!! We decided to fly to Toronto as planned in hopes the strike would be settled. If it wasn't, we would take the only train running and that was north to a place called Mooseanee. We later learned that Mooseanee was a tiny Eskimo town with no hotel, no restaurants, etc.  Fortunately for us the strike was settled the night before we were scheduled to leave. One thing that made the trip much more meaningful was the availability of a book, written by a conductor, that described what you saw from the window of your railroad car mile by mile as the train made its way across Canada.


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