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Oh yeah, another new donut shop

... exactly what this town needs!

from Don Norris

Would you believe, in a town less than six square miles, we are getting yet
another new Dunkin Donut shop?! I mean, we already have two, plus a Heavenly
Donuts shop -- the latter in our one-and-only strip mall.

Being sacrificed for the cause is the seldom-used gas station on the Lynn Fells
Parkway, nearby to Grimsby's Restaurant. It is located immediately next to the
pagoda park, an MDC project that has raised eyebrows about the politics
involved. It's the cutesy little park with a lovely parking area, which
(coincidentally) is immediately adjacent to the restaurant.

It is true, however, that said gas station and cutesy park are both located,
technically, in a little southeastern corner of Stoneham -- not Melrose. It is
considered, however, a part of the Melrose community.

It is Stoneham, therefore, that will benefit from new taxes not only on the
donut shop, but in the major development of an office-and-apartment complex on
the nearby site of the former New England San.

The question is: Do new donut shops bear sour grapes?

August 6, 2010

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