The faces of our Memorial Day parade

... a walk down Main, from Upham to Wyoming Cemetery ...

photos from the SilverStringers

We offer little comment for these pictures. On this special day for memories, they speak for themselves. This, is Melrose:

Our ranks of marching veterans are getting slim.

Spectators and tax specialists.

Melrose folks, waiting for a parade to happen.

Loyal supporters, soon to be the soldiers of tomorrow.

Americans, riding appropriately in an aging red convertible. This is us.

Where would we be without Human Rights?

Fife and drum people, and an alderman with children, on bikes.

Local residents with a penchant for public service.

Melrose High Band, and a pair of modern Marines. Semper Fi, people.

The crowd appeared a little thinner this year ...

Little relation to our parade, but what a car!

Most schools sent a delegation to march in our parade.

Here's a patriot who apears year after year. And St. Mary's School had a huge cake, marking their 100th anniversary.

Roosevelt School sent a truck full of kids -- with self portraits???

The Scouts participated with their latest project.

And finally, a truck unloaded some half dozen of these commercial Memorial Day carts.

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