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... lecture on Royal Barry Wills draws a crowd

from Don Norris

"I remember", they're thinking ...

Fans of Melrose architecture enjoy learning about its legacy.

More activists, including treasurer Rick Mockler (at right), who took studied photos of all 48 RBW's designs in Melrose.

The lecture was delivered by son Richard Wills, himself a noted designer-architect-builder in America. The audience was attentive, and fired many questions at both Richard and his brother Charles.

At the right is Richard, who is probably as noted as an American architect as was his father.

That is son Richard (facing the camera), a widely recognized builder of homes in New England.

Key people in the success of the Melrose Historical Society.

... familiar faces on local scenes ...

The meeting always ends with a table-full of good food. It is the social thing that keeps meetings personal and inviting. Meetings are held quarterly, and membership is open.

July 2, 2010

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