More on Royal Barry Wills in Melrose

... three decades and half a hundred designs later

Photos from Rick Mockler, Melrose Historical Society

The Mirror continues with a second helping of Royal Barry Wills-designed homes in Melrose. The first group was published in the June issue, following a lecture at the Melrose Historical Society by Richard Wills, son of the famous architect.

The photographs for this article were done by Carl "Rick" Mockler of Melrose, who is the treasurer for the society. A link to the first issue is available at the end of this article.

109 Country Club Road, 1933; 115 Country Club Road, 1936; 138 Country Club Road, 1939; 96 Ardsmoor Road, 1930.

55 Apple Hill Lane, 1953; 90 Larchmont Road, (no date); 94 Larchmont Road, 1930; 74 Marmion Road, 1949

97 Larchmont Road, 1930; 100 Larchmont Road, 1926; 127 Larchmont Road, 1942; 5 Marmion Road, 1935

6 Marmion Road, 1932; 19 Marmion Road, 1935; 31 Marmion Road, 1933; 32 Marmion Road, 1933.

44 Marmion Road, 1932; 62 Marmion Road, 1930; 78 Sheffield Road, 1937.

18 Spear Street, 1951; 20 Spear Street, 1951.

Link to the first article on Richard Wills' lecture in the June 2010 issue.

For a look at 20 more photos of Wills' homes in Melrose, go to "Previous Issues" on the front page, and choose "June 2010"

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