The queen is in town

... along with her colorful companions

by Shirley Rabb

Queen Anne's lace is a wildflower originating in Europe. It was given the name
because of the lacy nature of the flower head. Very popular during the reign
of Queen Anne, it acquired her name also. According to Wikipedia, the story
goes that the red in the center of the flower represents a blood droplet where
the Queen pricked her finger while making the lace.


The flower is also known as the wild carrot because of the carrot like root
and the carrot smell.


Originally used in old Victorian gardens the seeds are easily spread by the
wind and can now been seen all along the highways and in fields all around the
United States.


The flower will grow in poor or dry conditions but the queen does likes full



Walk the streets of Melrose and enjoy the beauty of the majestic queens.

August 6, 2010

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