Random Thoughts

Thoughts while shaving

Jim Tierney

Which is more important, your hands or your feet? Maybe, equally important? Then why
do we wash our hands several times a day and our feet, maybe, not every day?

I know, there are many reasons to wash our hands frequently and there are reasons NOT
to wash our feet as often as we should. We can't get to them as easily, especially
showering rather than taking a bath, and as we get older it gets even more difficult.
We have to get in an acrobatic position holding onto the bar with one hand and washing
one foot (including between the toes) with the other hand, standing on the other foot.

We're justifiably afraid of slipping and having an accident so we let the soapy water
drip down and do the job, even though it's not adequate and certainly not between the
toes. The feet don't even get the proper attention drying off, especially between the
toes. Maybe, sitting in a chair with your feet in a pan of water is the answer, like
when you're soaking sore feet.

February 4, 2011

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