Random Thoughts

A peaceful quiet

... Maine in September

by Shirley Rabb

It is still ... very still. The trees are rigid for there is no breeze in the air.

Close by a few of the leaves of the birch tree seem to be floating in the air, and behind the leaves the sky is a pale blue with swatches of white clouds.

Across the lake the pine trees stand tall and ever green and the beeches and birch trees are starting to show signs of changing colors.

Yellow leaves hang loosely and the ground is scattered with red and brown indicating an upcoming weather change.

Except for the bugs skimming above the lake, and the occasional jump of a fish, the water seems to be in a trance.

The soapstone heron stands majestically under the pine trees by the shore and in the quiet it appears alive and able to fly to the heavens.

A chickadee and nut hatch come to the feeder, take their seeds and quickly fly back to the comfort of the silent trees.

The sound of chirping can be heard occasionally and now I see a small red squirrel on the fence, but with the dog at our feet the squirrel goes back to the safety of the trees also.

We have had a hot spell, many days of heat and humidity; but we have been promised relief tonight with the rains from hurricane Earl. Tomorrow it will be cooler as the temperature drops.

The stillness and near silence is welcomed, for today it is a comforting quiet.

October 1, 2010

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