Food fun at the Melrose Victorian Fair

... candid camera caught food fanciers munching as local talent entertained.

by Shirley Rabb, Louise Fennell, Carole P. Tate

A variety of tasty treats were enjoyed by fairgoers of all ages.     

    A cool delicious drink

 French Fries - a favorite anywhere    

Pizza - popular any time  

   A plate plus a snack equals a balancing act

An improvised "Sidewalk Cafe" by the "Y"     

 A lollipop for the littlest guests     

   Fried dough - sweet and chewy      

Modern artistic look pops up at the
"yesteryear" fair

Getting around on the blocked off areas of
Main Street works out well for everyone

New meaning for "casual dining"

Click on picture for direct link to the Melrose Chamber of Commerce, sponsor of the annual Victorian Fair.

October 1, 2010

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