Last taste from the North

... commentary on the season

by Ann Robbins Talbot

Tiny crimson fruits cluster closely
On the fire cherry bush near the lake
Drawing two, three, five, seven robins
Paying little attention to me
Together we enjoy the sunshine
On the waning September morning

In Mt. Auburn's lovely gardens
The famous lie beside the unknown
Surrounded by magical landscape
Each exquisite bush, each towering tree
Chosen to complement its neighbor
Lush and green mirrored in the water
Many persistent springs feed the pond
Identified by tiny bubbles
Giving motion to the smooth surface

The robins continue their feasting
Beady eyes contrast with yellow beaks
Soon they will join with extended family
To find warmer weather for the winter
Southern favorites await the birds
After their last taste of northern food

October 1, 2010

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