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Missed it - or it did not happen?

... 65 years and one hour too late

by Tom Dillon

Friday morning I got a call from Louise at the Melrose Mirror inquiring if I was available to cover the Major Doak Weston Memorial Ceremony at Slayton Tower on Mt. Hood. Since I had been following the development of the memorial to belatedly honor the pilot who had crashed in 1947, I was glad to say, "Of course," and proceded to install fresh batteries and a new memory card into my camera to be certain all would work fine.

I went to Mt. Hood around 11:45AM to be ready for - what I thought was - the 12:14pm ceremony, which actually had taken place at 11:14AM!

My car was stopped by one of Melrose's Finest, who informed me the traffic was coming outbound, down from the tower area. The ceremony was over!

I am at fault for not double checking the ceremony's schedule, which had been planned and promoted well in advance, as I understand it, by a collaboration of officials, organizations and dedicated volunteers. This is the first time I can use "My Senior Moment" as a valid excuse.

Click this old Slayton Tower picture for a link to all the great pictures that my prompt and faithful photographer friend took of the Major Doak Weston Memorial Service at Mt. Hood, Melrose:

Unfortunately the person who had witnessed the crash and who last winter launched the campaign for a memorial to Major Doak Weston passed away during the summer, thereby missing the ceremony. To read her article from the Melrose Mirror October 2007, type the words Doak Weston into the Google search space at the bottom of this page.  Click search and the link to the article will appear.  Scroll down to find it.

October 1, 2010

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