Oh heavens, look at all those old cars!

... popular Rotary Club fund raiser a hit in Melrose

from Don Norris

I happened upon this show quite by accident one fine summer day, and couldn't resist a walk down the seemingly endless rows of old cars, all of which had been either restored or modified into something quite different -- the dragsters, for instance. It all took place in the various  parking areas surrounding the High School/Middle School complex on the Lynn Fells Parkway.

I counted at least half a dozen models that I (or my family) had owned over the decades -- a 1941 Pontiac four-door, a '49 Ford sedan, a 1931 model A Ford convertible, a '56 Chevy station wagon, a '63 Ford convertible ... Ah, fond memories.

It was enlightening to see samples of antique (and not so antique) brands that have gone out of producton -- Packard, Americar, DeSoto, Plymouth, Kyser/Frazer ... and most recently Pontiac.

There wasn't much fanfare about the Melrose show, although it seems to be a yearly event. But it is surely popular with old-car owners, for I estimate there were two or three hundred entries in this event.

I suggest to our readers that you browse through the photos and identify those vehicles that were, at one time, part of your life.

December 3, 2010

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