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... thank you for that special day

To the city of Melrose, including Mayor Robert Dolan, Veteranís Service Officer Natalee Webb, Melrose Advisory Committee, Melrose Park Commission, Military Service Men and Women, Veterans in attendance at the September 24th 2010 ceremony, Melrose Police Dept, Mt. Hood Golf Course Staff, and City and State dignitaries, my family and I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for orchestrating such a beautiful and touching memorial to honor Major Doak Weston.  It is a day that we will never forget. We were truly stunned by the outpouring of the town to act upon a request by Jeanne Shanklin, Bob Attubato, and Jim Keane in order to make this special day happen. And sadly, Jeanne was not able to witness the final outcome

In closing, once again thanks to all for the day, the citations, the lunch, and the key to the city of Melrose. The city can certainly be proud of its citizens, leaders, veterans, committees, and volunteers. We plan to pay a visit to Mt.  Hood Golf Course very soon to show our son the beautiful monuments that were dedicated and to pause and reflect upon the events that took place regarding the actual crash in 1945 where his grandfather Tech Sergeant Frederic Paquin was blessed to be a survivor, and where Pilot Major Doak Weston selflessly saved countless lives and made the ultimate sacrifice.

Again, a sincere thank you to all.
David R Paquin and family

Son of Frederic J. Paquin, Crew member of the B-25 Mitchell bomber.

...on Guam in '44

Hi: Was on the island 1944-45 but donít recall much. I guess the worst was over by then. I recall some ad hoc marine hunting parties going out after Japs in the bush as there were thousands who had not surrendered.

I was an electrician who fixed teletype machines. (Well, tried to fix them).

Iím now 84 and need some fixing myself! Often wondered if there were any reunions. Probably no one left alive to go!

Stay well,
John K. Mackenzie

Editor's note: We assume Mr. Mackenzie is making reference to SilverStringer Russ Priestley, who was an army pilot stationed on Guam during that period.

... Wills and persons of modest means

Your June article on Royal Barry Wills caused me to pull from the shelf two of his books that my mother bought in 1953 (for just $1.00 each) when she was planning to build a Cape Cod style house -- "Planning Your Home Wisely" and "Houses for Homemakers" which were originally published in the mid-1940s.

What is striking is how Wills was aiming at the person of very modest means and the houses seem absolutely tiny by today's expectations. And today, by contrast, architects seem only involved in high end projects of considerable size. But Wills emphasizes that just because a house was small and of modest cost did not preclude careful attention to proportion and detail.

One book starts out with houses expected to cost from $2,500 to $8,000. The books give sizes and costs in cubic feet, but measuring from the floor plans the sizes are often well under 1,000 square feet.

In fact, the zoning in many towns today would probably preclude building houses with such a small footprint!

This also made me wonder which homes in the NH Seacoast area are RBW designs. I'm not aware of an inventory as exists in Melrose.

- Jim Cerny

... small world with a daughter at Harvard

October 9, 2010


I stumbled onto the Mirror, through some random clicking around...

My daughter, Heather Pon-Barry, is 29 and in her 5th year of Ph.D. work at Harvard, in Computer Science.

Her two best friends at Harvard, in the same program, are women her age, who are natives of Turkey...  She can connect them to your Turkish friends, if there is any benefit, or need.   The young women attended Turkey's equivalent of MIT,  whatever that may imply...


San Francisco

November 5, 2010

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