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Seeking information on a stair runner

... here's a twist, an editor asking readers for info

by Russ Priestley

Back in the early '60's, my wife wanted to make a stair runner for the 13 steps providing access to the second floor of our home. We had completed a joint effort of bringing seven sons into the world. Although the second-born died of SIDS, there was still a lot of foot traffic in the house.

My wife was the most talented person I have ever met and in addition, beautiful.   Click here to view. It was her idea to make a hooked rug STAIR RUNNER. I, making a living as a cartoonist, was asked if I would make some pencil sketches for her to follow so that each riser would have a different nursery rhyme made with the pieces of cloth. You 'hookers' out there know what a task that is, but she also dyed the cloth pieces to create a work of art. A thing of beauty to walk on.

As fate would have it, we had to move because of a fire destroying the house next door, opening a chance for a local supermarket to have a parking lot there. We moved and they did.

We did not anticipate that the second house would not have the correct number of stairs to accommodate the work of art she had created. It was rolled up and stored.

In due time, some friends of ours moved to North Edgecomb, Maine, buying a few overnight cabins, as we used to call them. Also included was a house and a large barn on U.S. Route 1. The barn was made into a gift shop and the rug-stair runner ended up there on consignment.

A couple from Pennsylvania loved the work of art and bought it... probably in 1976.

In August,1979, my wife was stricken with a progressive case of MS, but that did not stop her. When she died eight years later, she was making a four by six foot hooked rug while seated in her wheelchair. My question is: where is the runner now and who owns it. Anyone with any information please get in touch with me (the Author, above at the Mirror address).

November 5, 2010

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