Backroading: Babydoll rattles traveler

... to shoot or not to shoot (a photo)

from Don's camera

While travelling the backroads of New England on my dirt bike, I once in a while
come across something that just does not jive with the peaceful scenes of the
countryside. This is one such case.

The building is on a side road, mid-state New Hampshire, where one expects to see
beauty and serenity. But obviously the owner of this unoccupied old building (it is
hard to figure if it had been a barn or someone's home) had an unusual sense of what
he wanted to show passers-by.

The over-all scene demanded that I stop, get off the bike, and record it on film (so
to speak). It appeared to be an old barn, weather-beaten but sturdy, green grass
mowed, property taken care of. Perhaps it was part of the property nearby, a
"modern" '50s rambling house -- which didn't at all look like a farm.

The owner was a collector, however, of old stuff. Like farm implements, small
crosses made of branches marking two graves of perhaps pets, an old ax sharpening
wheel, rusting.

I have no conclusion, but coincidentally, I have discovered a new route that by-
passes this old place. That babydoll gives me the willies.

August 2, 2013

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