Random Thoughts

For Jim Driscoll

... a note for remembering an old friend

from Bob Campbell

Jim and I go back a long way ….70 years to be exact!  In the fall of 1941 we were both seniors and we were both Melrose High football players. The team did pretty well that year -- won 8 and lost only 2!

In addition, Jim and I were both WWII veterans -- U.S. Navy. More recently our friendship was rekindled and we got to know one another in a different way -- Jim as an editor of the Melrose Mirror and myself as an article contributor. While perusing one of my files I found the words to the rather haunting melody -- TAPS -- which I feel would be appropriate to repeat here for Jim.

    Day is done.
    Gone the sun.
    From the lakes
    From the hills.
    From the sky.
    All is well.
    Safely rest.
    God is nigh.

    Fading light
    Dims the sight.
    And a star
    Gems the sky.  
    Gleaming bright.
    From afar.
    Drawing nigh.
    Falls the night.
       Thanks and praise
    For our days.
    Neath the sun
    Neath the stars.
    Neath the sky
    As we go.
    This we know.
    God is nigh

It was good knowing you Jim…..

Bob Campbell

February 4, 2011  

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