Two Wednesdays in January

... only four hours apart by plane

by Ann Robbins Talbot

I sit on the porch watching the white heron
Striding around the edge of the small lake
Accompanied by its dark shadow
Lying on the water’s smooth surface
Ducklings leave an ever-widening wake
Egrets and curlews search for breakfast
A man in a cherry picker prunes browning fronds
From stately green palms across the pond
He drops coconuts to his colleagues
Who slash them and quench their thirst with fresh milk

A week later I watch from my front window
The snow is gathering quickly, piling up
I cannot see details on my neighbor’s house
Our short street, yet unplowed, is not defined
It is silent -- the snow threatening but protecting
I pull my favorite shawl about my shoulders
As I read the last of the Swedish trilogy
A cup of Swiss Miss to warm me from inside out
Content to be indoors at my cozy northern home

February 4, 2011


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