Melrose shines -- after the storm

... a "traveling Sam" looks at his home town

by Rick Mockler with narrative by Don Norris

Rick Mockler -- alias U.S. Coast Guard Captain Carl R. Mockler, retired -- appears to have two major hobbies. In his relatively new retirement, Rick allocates ample time to seeing the world, becoming Mr. American-Average-Tourist relatively frequently. In other words, he's always on the go, somewhere.

His other hobby is using his small digital camera to record where he's been. And he has become adept, imaginative, even skilled at capturing light, beauty and the unusual. He has, in fact, affiliated with Picasa web, which gives him ample space to show his photos.

Picasa allows him to make handsome presentations, which he can display on line; he also has built a following (including this editor) to whom he emails his latest production. The shows are really good.

His latest work was produced not thousands of miles away, not like those he shot in Russia, not like those he did of Pennsylvania or the Rockies -- but right out his front door. And out the back door, and through the windows, and down the street. The show is of his hometown, Melrose, just as a major snowstorm abates, and the sun begins to peek through.

So here they are: a sampling of what Holland Road in Melrose looks like, just before the people start to dig out. The scenes are pristine, the shadows are deep, and, eventually he ventures out, into the two-foot deep snow.

February 4, 2011

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