Wow, this has been too much for me

... I am just too small

by Casa

Some of you might remember me, my name is Casa and in the past, I have written a few articles for the Melrose Mirror.

I came from Puerto Rico but I have been living in Melrose for eight years and I like it just fine. This winter has got me a bit upset, more than a bit, I would say.

From my paws to the top of my head I am only 16 inches tall, and when I stand on my hind legs I can only top 27 inches. Based on my measurements you can tell it has been an impossible season for someone like me.

My walks have been cut back because my parents say that many of the sidewalks are not shoveled.  It is dangerous to walk on the road because two cars in motion can barely fit side by side. And then there is the ice, messy snow piles and all the salt and ice melt around. When we have gone out my parents make sure my paws are cleaned when I get home because that “stuff” is not good for me.


I do have a shoveled path in the back yard so I get out as often as I need to, but even this  is a strange experience. I feel like I am in a tunnel where the walls of snow are four feet high and I cannot see the top of the pile.

I have heard my parents, and their friends comment on the amount of snow this year.  Can it be possible that 6 feet of snow has fallen?  Why neither of my parents is six feet so they could be buried if they did not keep on shoveling, pushing and piling the snow wherever there is a space.

I have been lucky to travel all around this country with my parents and I am really looking forward to our next trip to Florida. Maybe most of the snow will be gone in Melrose. . . or maybe not, but I will be happy to get away.  

I am nine years old in human years so that puts me into dogs age of about fifty two and this winter has been just too much for me.

See you in the spring.

March 4, 2011

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