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by Shirley Rabb

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Jim Tierney

One noodle
by Carol Nelson

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How to be dazzled amidst dreary winter doldrums
Shining Melrose snow scenes
The day 2010 faded into history


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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- February 4, 2011

Poignant, sometimes political, "fashion statements" emerge from Thelma, the headless woman who wears her thought provoking wardrobe at the Melrose Public Library. Local artist Carol Nelson cultivates international conversations while designing message-wear for this decidedly dedicated dress form.

Publisher for this issue is Carole P. Tate

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Thelma's wardrobe
Dorothy O'Connor and Carole Tate
... Thought provoking "fashion statements" emerge from a headless woman.

Melrose shines -- after the storm
by Rick Mockler with narrative by Don Norris
... a "traveling Sam" looks at his home town

Music in the language of The Great Gatsby
by Ed Boyd
... listen to the music

Melrose -- the last day of 2010
by Shirley Rabb
... from sunrise to sunset

Two Wednesdays in January
by Ann Robbins Talbot
... only four hours apart by plane

For Jim Driscoll
from Bob Campbell
... a note for remembering an old friend

Lost and found: old art
from artist Don Norris

Ignorance is bliss
from Lillian Campbell
... what a way to go!

I ain't no teacher of English, but...
by Russ Priestley
... our society is in serious trouble

Re: the risk for mental health care workers
by Scott M. Bock, President and CEO, Riverside Community Care and Somerville Mental Health Association
... Reflections on the recent tragedies in mental health care facilities

A treat for trivia fans
Turn snowbound shut-in days into guessing game fun with these trivia tidbits:

  • Did you know?
    by Florence Shea
    ... interesting tidbits about February, the meaning of rose colors, and 9 more

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