Random Thoughts

Stop whining

... a message written to myself

by Ann Robbins Talbot

I realize that your favorite restaurant took shrimp off the menu.
You have to peruse the specials
Or switch from seafood for a while
And choose a meat meal or salad.
You can afford a restaurant.
You are able to pay the mortgage,
The carpenter, the lawn boy,
Your fuel bill, electric bill,
A replacement for your old car.

Stop whining.
Many people have lost everything in the oil spill.

Stop whining.
I realize that last night’s wind felled your maple tree
Smashing your favorite rose bush
Putting deep dents in the front gutter.
You need to call a tree service.
Your house stands and is livable.
All your furniture is intact.
Wedding photos and babies’ firsts,
Passport and insurance papers,
Precious momentos are all safe.

Stop whining.
Many people have lost everything in natural disasters.

Stop whining.
I realize that money is tight, jobs are scarce.
Last year’s clothing is not chic,
Expensive entertainment is out,
Cutting corners is the way to go.
You can help someone who has less.
You are able to read and write.
You have access to a computer.
You have a head full of memories,
A mind full of imagination.

Stop whining.
Many people have lost everything.

March 4, 2011

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