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Mount Hood Melrose golfers have breakfast at Brothers

... where Melrose golfers go when it gets cold

by Ed Boyd

It is Ash Wednesday, cloudy; still, advent of spring is in the air. A lot of us Mount Hood golfers head for Brothers in Wakefield for breakfast when the cold and snow sets in.

Brothers is a spacious place to congregate come winter. There is a table in back just behind the fire place that is, somehow, our special place. Four of five long tables are there to accommodate ten or twelve golfers at the table.

A little after 8AM, golfers began to find their way to Brothers. Usually the guys will wait in the front window to see who will show up. As the golfers come in there are handshakes for everyone. Once there are enough of us, maybe 10-12, we start the move though the serving line. The servers are very skillful at serving. I am apt to have toasted English muffin, drop a single egg on corned beef hash and it always comes out that way. Then we continue down the line to get a beverage and to pay the cashier. I think the woman cashier thinks me old and feeble as she most always carries my tray to the table. Her lovely name is Maria.


There were only eight of us today. Left to right around the table are Ed Fornari, Tom Stillwell, Paul Daily, Ed Kirby, Bob Christiansen, Mario Coco, Pat Martone and me, “Doc” Boyd. My coat is crumbled on the chair waiting for me as I am taking pictures.


On one side you see the server table and on the other side there is a bar. Way back on the wall there are marvelous paintings that were put up in years past. These are lovely pictures that give the feeling of way back then. See the unicycle that was probably used circa 1890.


In just a few weeks (I hope) we will be on the first tee at Melrose Mount Hood, all fifty of us, as we can hardly wait.  

April 1, 2011

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