A poem for Jack Beckley

... presented during tribute ceremony at the Council On Aging's Retirement Party for Jack, March 25, 2011.

by Jackie Wattenberg

Jack is numble,
Jack is quick;
he arranges programs
that always click.

He's calm and collected
as he strolls through Milano,
keeping a heavy schedule
of things to work ono!

With classes for health,
for games and Tai-chi,
for painting and planting,
fixing our taxes for free!

He's busy as bumble bees
soon buzzing into town,
and he accomplishes these goals
with never a frown!

Has anyone ever heard him
threaten or shout
even if at 10 a.m. meals on wheels
are nowhere about?

No, never a mean word,
never a scowl
even when a movie must be canceled
because the weather is foul!

His warmth and his gentleness
are examples for us all,
qualities in national leaders
we'd like to install!

So goodbye today, Jack,
we're a little sad as we part,
but not worried about your health -
we know you have a big, warm and beautiful heart!

April 1, 2011

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