On Your Retirement: March 25, 2011

by Anne McGillivray

To Special Jack

Everybody thinks this is a time to say, "goodbye"
But let me say it isn't and I will tell you why
Love always lives forever
It's something we get back
And no one showed it more to all
Then our dear special Jack.

Anytime we reached to ask
For favors or a need
Jack was always there
Answering our plea.

Yet, if he were not able
He would surely find a way
By someone, someplace, somehow
To finally save the day.

His calm and cool and gentle ways,
Surpasses every all
No one now can fill his shoes
Jack, above them you stand tall.

So, this is not a "goodbye" day
It's time we must salute you
And bless you as you journey on
To new endeavors too.

We give you all our love today
And know there is no lack
In any way or shape or form
It's just for you dear "special Jack".


All your friends

April 1, 2011

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