Adventure in the White Mountains

... bikeys muddle with Irish setters

from Don Norris

My daughter Nancy and I were riding our bikes (200cc dirtbikes) through the foothills of the White Mountains last summer, somewhere northwest of Franklin -- when we came to a crest with a handsome view. There happened to be a farm there with a handsome red barn out back. At first we spotted a beautiful Irish setter on a leash, who seemed non-plussed about these two strangers on motorcycles. But then a second dog appeared in another doorway, leashed, who was as happy as the first -- to greet these friendly humans. It was private property so we didn't approach the dogs, even when a third setter appeared in yet a third doorway. When it was apparent no one was at home -- except the dogs -- I did get close enough to get this photo, which turned out rather well.

As for a Melrose connection, both riders attended the late edition of Melrose High, graduating in 1949 (me), and 1973 (daughter Nancy). Two years ago Nan and sister Joanne (MHS '77) both took the compulsory course in motorcycling to get a license in New Hampshire. Now Nan and I go back-roading through the north country; where we go, we seldom see a car, but the scenery is marvelous and the roads are going either up or down and turning left or right -- never flat, never straight. A few of them are even paved!

We did a hundred miles back roading that day. Really good fun.

May 6, 2011

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