Traffic happening, Main at Upham Streets

... traditional pix taken between 1837 and 2013

from Don Norris

It's probably the busiest intersection in Melrose, although proponents of Main and the Lynn Fells Parkway would
have an argument. This is, of course, at the intersection of Upham and Main Streets, as it has been since City
Hall was built in 1887 -- except that we now have a new kind of vehicle-sans-four-footed horsepower. And city hall
has lost-by-fire its top floor and tower, in 1937. Some would argue that Memorial Hall hasn't been around as long
as City Hall and the main Fire Station, and they would have a point: John Slayton (re: the Slayton Tower at Mount
Hood) donated funds for Memorial Hall's construction in 1912. He also donated much of the land that is now Mount
Hood Park and Municipal Golf Course, which was constructed around 1936 during the world's worst-ever depression.  

May 3, 2013

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