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Teaching golf

... if you can't play, try to teach

by Ed Boyd

I canít play golf too well these days as I suffered a stroke just a few years ago. I hang around a lot at Mount Hood Golf Course. I keep a look out for an unsuspecting golfer who might let me give him advice on how to play golf. I canít play golf anymore, but maybe playing golf for thirty years entitles me to think that I can teach golf. I never loose an opportunity.

This big tall handsome guy kept hitting the ball into the woods, way to the right. I said to Frank, ďIíve been watching you and I think I know whatís wrong.Ē
He said, ďPlease tell me!Ē

You hit the ball from outside in and that produces a slice. Thatís why your ball keeps going off to the right. The way to correct this is to tee a ball up, stand up to hit as if you were going to hit it. Once you have done that, I want you to then stand back and reach for the ball. You will have to experiment until you know just how far or little you have to reach. The other thing I want you to do with the club (while standing on the tee) is to take it away but on an inside path. And sure enough, he began banging out there about 240.

Then I said to Dan, when we went down to practice because he asked me, you jerk the club up too soon. Youíve got to learn the one-piece-take-away which means that you have to take the club low to the ground and far enough so your shoulder will turn under your chin. I demonstrated what I meant a few times and then had him try it. And sure enough, like Frank, he began busting them a lot straighter than before.


I asked Ed, as we sat at lunch in the Mount Hood ďSnack BarĒ, if he would mind if I told him of something I spotted in his swing. He said heíd like to know though I donít think he meant it. I went ahead and I told him his fault was swaying. I told him the next time we hit the range together, Iíd like him to tuck his right knee in a bit as he is a right handed golfer. This will have the effect of being like a fulcrum around which he was to swing. Bring the club back under your chin but keep your right leg fixed as you swing around the fulcrum. We havenít had a chance to try this but I am confident Iím onto something.

So I canít play, maybe I can teach!

May 6, 2011

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