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Remembering Mother

... Old traditions and an old poem about Mother's Day.

by Eleanor Jenkins

As a child, the church I attended always made Mother's Day a special day with a program devoted to mothers. I wore my pink carnation to honor my mother, and my mother wore a white carnation to honor hers. Pink if alive, and white if deceased, they said. Going shopping the day before there would always be men standing on the corner each block selling pink and white carnations for Mother's day.

Once, when I was about ten years old, I was asked to recite a special poem which commemorated mother's day. I had memorized it for the occasion, but over the years I could only recall the first couple of lines which went like this. "You call it Mother's Day and shower her with cheer, but what about Mother's tomorrow."

Well recently I found the original notes that I had with me when I recited that poem and here it is in its entirety.

Mother's Day

You call it her day...and you fill it with cheer,
But what will you do tomorrow?
This is only one day of a long, long year;
Will the days on ahead stretch gloomy and drear?
Will you give the kind word she is longing to hear?
What about Mother's tomorrow?

Today she is reading that letter from you
But when will you write another?
Will that be the thing you've forgotten to do
Will you leave her to yearn the long days thru
For your message of love to the heart so true
Will tomorrow be lonely ---for Mother?

Nothing but plaudits for Mother today--
But how will it be tomorrow?
Will the smile you have given her lighten her way
Or will your neglect cloud her sun's bright ray?
Will you break her heart tomorrow?

Author unknown.

May 6, 2011

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