Random Thoughts

Listen to the warmth

... from winter to spring.

by Ed Boyd

I had on my Sony CD Radio cassette-recorder playing George Winstonís piano music. Itís called Winter into Spring. It has eight parts to it. The first is January Stars that runs for about six minutes. Now that we are in the middle of February, occasioned by Valentines Day, it felt like I had to put on music for the occasion.

The sound in the music is more like the middle of winter but I am looking forward to warmer weather that advents spring. Even now the pianist is rolling his fingers over the keys making you look forward to the warmth.

There are no words to piano music so you are left to imagine what Winston is trying to achieve. The music has now slowed down a bit, pauses and makes us think of the warmth to come. Now there is a little lithe to the music and we think of melting. Melting is what we need as we were buried in snow for most of this winter. Now the piano is picking up a bit, fingers gliding over the keys, giving the feeling of wanting to stretch our muscles a bit, frozen in this brutal winter.   

Now the beat has picked up and you can begin to feel a surging as if we canít wait for the warmth. On he goesÖ

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