Random Thoughts

An update

... how it turned out

by Carol Nelson

I have been enjoying writing for the Melrose Mirror for 6 years now. My
subjects have been varied, to say the least. I often want to write about
new subjects, ideas or experiences. For example trying Tai Chi. I was a
dismal failure. I should have expected it.. I had little coordination in
any group activities in the past. I have two left feet.  

I wrote about finding my way to the YMCA pool in 2006...  A perfect idea.
I swim laps and exercise for one hour almost daily and it has been one of
my happiest decisions.

I wrote about tossing out my television set. I worried that I might be
addicted and regret it, but it was a great decision for me.  There   
is a tall floor plant in it's place. The carnival that is Fox News can't
find me.

I joined the Melrose Human Rights group and began having conversations
with people from all over the world. What a good decision that was. I have  
met the nicest people, temporary guests of the United States and of
Melrose, Massachusetts.

It was fun to write about President Obama before he became our president.
In general it's good fun to express opinions even when nobody agrees with
me. We are still at war which breaks my heart.

Sometimes I have burned to express personal feelings in regard to the drug
situation, not the kids, the seniors. I want to complain that we have
overused x-rays and still do.

I love to get a laugh and hope I have.

June 3, 2011

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