Random Thoughts

A Facebook Reunion

... let us see all our friends again.

from Joseph P. Guzzo

About a year ago I joined the Facebook craze. At first I was reluctant to
get caught up in this social media frenzy. But I wondered what it was all
about, and very soon I would find out.

Right away I started to connect with old friends, some I haven’t seen or
heard from in 40 years. I started a photo album and named it Now And Then.
It was a big hit as we shared memories of our teenage years, along with
photos of our children and grandchildren.

Back in the 70’s the only mode of communication available to us was the
telephone, or speaking face to face of course. There were no computers or
cell phones. Imagine not having a cell phone? There may even be a new
psychological condition called cell phone attachment disorder. People have
been known to have panic attacks if they could not find their cell phone,
like me.
So we had a common meeting place, The Wall in front of City Hall. It was
here that many of us made lifelong friends. It was just a stop on our
journey growing up.
I posted a couple of pictures of the wall and an old friend Alicen said
wouldn’t it be great to get everyone together again. So we created an event
page on Facebook, and planned a Wall Reunion Photo Shoot. Forty old friends
now approaching 60 years old met on a cold and rainy day in June. But
nothing that day could dampen our joy.
I found out what Facebook was all about. It is about our precious memories
of years gone by, and lifelong friends that treasure each others friendship.

Front Row, Billy Gillcrist, Joey Guzzo, Beth Hatfield, Dennis Hatfield, Craig MacCormack, Tony Belmonte, Mike Festa, Christine Guzzo, Paulette Puleo, Susan Puleo Milliken, Ellen Falzarano Faiella, Nancy Whittier Pudulsky, Judy Howe Donahue, Margaret Chaffe Malenchini, Dianne Balesteri Monteiro, Wanda Leblanc, Cathy Balesteri Bourgeois, Hazel Tonnessen, Ginny Abbott Sherlock, Lisamarie Lanzillo Shaler, Alicen McHugh Savory. Back Row, Larry Doucette, Stephen Bonsie Longmuir, Jacqui Kehoe Hatch, Billy Hatch, Adel Aurora, Johnny Bidgood, Richard Ward, Peter Malenchini, Peter Mortimer, David Sullivan, Jim Bidgood, Chris Garniss, Robert Bernabei, Greg Sarni, John Keegan, Jeff Clark, Paul Guzzo, Paul Bennett, Linda Keenom, Charee Bemis Stanton, Barbara Schloss

Photograph by Craig MacCormack

July 1, 2011

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