Colorado rabbits at the Comfort Inn

... vacationing in the Rockies is ...

from Don Norris

Actually, this is an exercise in rabbitometry, or rabbit multiplication, or maybe
just watching nature happen. The place is Denver, Colorado, it is mid-May, and much
like spring in Melrose, Denver is busting out all over -- in spite of the fact that
the city is about 5000 feet higher than our home town.

Lorry and I had just arrived in the mile-high city and were settling down after the
five-hour flight west. The site here is the lawn of Comfort Inn -- which provided us
with our first glimpse of wildlife in Colorado.

But not four rabbits. Only two. The other two are a figment of my Canon's
imagination -- or I should say, these are Adobe rabbits. One over there, and the
other 10 yards westward. Two shots, but now at home with little to do, I decided I'd
paint a big picture of wildlife in Colorado. I used Adobe Photoshop to double up, of
rabbits multiplying before my very eyes.

We spent 14 days in Colorado with brief sojourns into Utah, Arizona and New Mexico,
and saw hundreds of deer, dozens of longhorn sheep, endless llamas (on a llama
ranch), three buffaloes, endless chipmunks, hawks and ravens, one fox, footprints of
a huge moose, a very large beaver, and a fair share of rabbits. Our purpose,
however, was not hunting animals, but to study Anasazi Indian ruins throughout
southwestern Colorado.  

It was a great trip, and I hope to provide the Mirror with some of photos we
gathered in our two-week vacation. To sum it up, Go to Colorado -- of all the places
we've been to in our 80 years, the Rockies take top prize. It is an amazing place.

August 5, 2011

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