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Here's Melrose -- marking September 11, 2001
from the SilverStringers

History lesson: Neighbors helping neighbors
by Don Norris

The stark beauty of simple things
from Don Norris

Lady Raiders dominate Middlesex volleyball league
from SilverStringer Don Norris

Today's hot spots
a sneak peak
at what's in this issue ...

Local winners in MVES art show ....

Lady Raiders score a major win ...

12,000 jam the square for The Fair ...


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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- October 7, 2011

The editors' selection for our Page One picture certainly displays our town in a dramatic light ... the sun casting a brilliant orange glow as it sets over the Fells.

We begin this issue with a rather dramatic piece on Mount Hood park, but then switch to a series on humor -- not intentionally, but when Betty Rossi gave us her whimsical story on "What my mother always said ..." we (the SilverStringers) broke into peals of laughter. And then there is Ann Talbot's piece on "What my mother taught me", and Don Norris's dealing with the purchase of a new, itty-bitty Nikon camera. We also have stories on travel, there's the dog parade and the Victorian Fair -- but we guarantee a large handful of good reading ... and by the way, if YOU have an article you'd like to see published, send it in -- in 15 years of doing the Mirror, we've only turned down two articles!

Photo by Don Norris

Publisher for this issue is SilverStringer Louise Fennell

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Does our city government have a Department of Secrets?
by Joe Sullivan
... many aspects of new Athletic Field Complex lacked public participation, discussion

Accetulo painting takes blue ribbon
from the SilverStringers
... local artists earn MVES awards

Black September
by Jerry Norton
… wha’ happen?

Things my mother said
by Betty Rossi
... While compiling a list of things my mother used to say after the last Stringer Meeting, I couldn't believe how I made it this far! We were the last of the "Innocent Generation" and never, ever thought that we were being "nagged".

Things my mother taught me
by Ann Robbins Talbot
... practical wisdom from the previous generation

York's Drug Store
by Charles Coombs
... memories from the 1930's

A mouse in the house
by Betty Rossi
... we have a mouse at the Beebe House

The death of an old companion
by Russ Priestley

On the brink of something important
by Ed Boyd
... what is down the road?

Sun shines, Victorian Fair draws record crowds
from Don Norris
... ceremony remembers Melrose man from 9-11

Melrose produces its very own dog show
from Don Norris
... curious flix of canines and their pet people

This was Melrose in the early 1900's
from Russ Priestley
... as revealed in a personal letter handwritten to a friend for her 100th birthday, March, 1985

This was Melrose in the early 1900's, part 2
from Russ Priestley

The campaign trail
by Jerry Norton
... here we go again

It was a wonderful trip
by Casa
... I knew it would be

Even more on "Lennie's On The Turnpike"
from Steve Johnson
... eight-year-old article still draws attention

The latest on Lennie
from Russ Priestley

Stringer reviews "itsy-bitsy" Nikon digital
by Don Norris
... sometimes you can't see who or what you're shooting

New itsy-bitsy digital camera works!
from Don Norris
... Stringer adds to his collection of Nikons

Plaudits for the Melrose Mirror
from Jack Beckley
... about Ed Boyd's upbringing

Did you know ?
by Florence Shea
... Martha Washington, a flink, the donut hole

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