Random Thoughts

On vacations: Camping with hurricanes, skunks and no-water-wells

... remembering Mother Nature up close

by Carol Nelson

My memories of summer vacations all blend, blur and smudge to campfires under
tall pine trees and dark starry skies. Or warm afternoons, make shift clothes
lines, wet towels, s'mores and squadrons of mosquitoes.

There was the occasional skunk .. the one I especially remember crawled into my
sleeping bag with me. Surprise! There was the camping trip marred only by a
wild hurricane which was spent in an old, leaky boy scout tent with five
children. The trip to Kejimkujik State Park in Nova Scotia when we stayed at
Camp Running Waters where the waters ceased to run at all.

Once, neighbor campers burnt up the provided picnic table for lack of fire
wood. I fell out of at least one hammock (never spilling a drop) and was
caught once with my bathing suit inside out. Ahhhh .. what great memories.

August 5, 2011

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