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A positive word on the Stringers' work

... highlights from the July issue

from Jack Beckley, retired head of the Council on Aging

Hi Stringers - I miss you folks but really look forward to reading the Mirror each month. This month's issue did not disappoint.  The front-page picture is a riot (nice job Betty and Dawn). Thank God I am retired and managed to avoid having to do the hula... I enjoyed reading all the stories in the Mirror but wanted to comment on a few.

I liked Shirley Rabb's beautiful pictures of the Bond Garden. In addition to serving on the Council on Aging, I knew Ted was a photographer and did stained glass and that his wife, Jane, makes artistic quilts but I had no idea that they had such green thumbs... Don and Louise's story and pictures on the Bruins' victory was well done combining some nice photos with a little about Louise and photography... It was great to see a story from Liz Samit. And I thought my 598 sq. ft. one bedroom apartment in Cambridge was small. Liz's apt is only 228 sq ft!  I wish you much happiness there Liz... Nice job with the chair caning story Betty. One of my personal goals is to cane a chair someday. No rush... Don's pictures and narrative about flying to Denver was fun. An $89 plan fare. Wow! ...  Ed Boyd's story was thoughtful. It is such a wonderful talent to be able to write eloquently. I am always looking for the elusive right word...
Enough. Great job. I am well and have just returned from 2 weeks on Cape Cod. I am back to painting my house. I look forward to the first Friday in August.

Jack Beckley      

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