On vacations: All about fishing in the deep

... the prize was worth the trip

by Florence Shea

My sister Liz, husband Pete and two sons (Lars and Eric) lived in Juneau,
Alaska for five years. During one of my visits, all five of us went fishing in
their thirteen foot Boston Whaler. We ventured out from Auke Bay until Pete
found our "spot" in the ocean.

Now be mindful of the fact that I have never been fishing in my life. It made
no difference whatsoever; suddenly I was handed a rod with the baited line
already in the water. Since all was quiet Lars decided to have a nap in the

Hey, I think I felt a tug on my line. Sure enough I had a very lively bite.
Following Pete's instructions, I released/reeled in some of the the line.
Excitedly Liz was saying "Help her Pete! Help her! she doesn't know what to
do". He calmly told her I was doing fine and he'd help later. At one point I
leaned backward a tad too much, fell off the seat and landed on the deck almost
knocking Lars out of the boat. Eventually Pete finished reeling in my prize.

What did I catch you may ask? Just a 40 king salmon.

Eric Berg, Lars Berg and Silver Stringer Florence Shea with her king salmon.

August 5, 2011

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