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A word on our ancestors

... everyone is looking for lost relatives, searching for ancestors.  

by Betty Rossi

Today, everyone is looking for lost relatives and searching for their
ancestors.  I was wondering if part of it is because we are worried about our
own mortality. I can remember one of my cousins being in a real quandary about
trying to find her biological father. My aunt, a Ziegfield girl who had danced
at the Coconut Grove (before it burned down), met and married one of the
bartenders (who also survived) and had my two cousins. The marriage didn't work
out and they divorced. My aunt remarried a wonderful man (not saying that my
Uncle George wasn't wonderful. He was very handsome ... need I say more? and my
Uncle Babe raised my cousins as his own.  

Down the road and years later, my cousin was having medical problems that we
couldn't attribute to an illness of any known person in the present family.
During the course of many discussions, she stated that she would love to
contact her biological father to find out all of his family's medical history.
She was just a few months too late. He had just passed on and my cousin did
speak finally to one of the distant relatives, but never got the information
she desired.

When I was young, I asked why I was called Betty and not Elizabeth and asked
how I got my name. I was told that I was named "Elizabeth" after my father's
sister who had died when she was thirteen. Being the curious child that I was,
I asked how she had died. They told me that she had "Bright's Disease".  
"Bright's Disease"??  I immediately thought that I came from royalty!!  Little
did I know that it was kidney disease. Because I was so vain, thinking that I
was SO IMPORTANT as to have been named after this girl, it stayed in my memory
and I have been able to pass the information down to my children, nieces and

Old bibles, diaries and family lore have been a great help to our generation in
our search for our medical history.  

August 5, 2011

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