Classic up-country Fourth of July parade

... SilverStringer celebrates with family in Gilmanton, New Hampshire

by Tom Dillon

What makes a parade?

Many towns celebrate the Fourth of July with elaborate parades, made up of floats,
marching bands and military outfits, plus souvenir vendors and a relatively large
attendance of spectators.

This year I was in Gilmanton, New Hampshire -- about a hundred miles north of Melrose
-- and was invited to the local Independence Day Parade. To get a good location, I
was advised to ago early. I was totally surprised at the large crowd and the
enthusiasm -- while waiting for the start.

I soon learned the make-up of a parade. It depends on where your are. No large
floats here, no marching bands or military units -- but the local flavor is evident
in these pictures.

The enjoyment and excitement of the children was like a Macy's Thanksgiving Parade!
A great day, for sure.

September 2, 2011

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