An upcoming trip

... I can just feel it

by Casa

I know I am going on a trip soon because I can hear and understand the talking about
it. I know my parents have to have a passport but I did not know I had to have
papers too. They spoke about making sure someone knows that I have had all my shots
for rabies and stuff. I hear my parents making calls to stop the newspaper and I saw
one of my parents give the mailman a note to stop the mail on a certain date. I have
not seen the suitcases out yet but they are checking off a long list and making a
pile of things to take with us. On the counter there are things like crackers and
tuna fish containers, almonds and granola bars. It looks like they plan on eating on
the road a lot and I like that too. I am sure my food and snacks are on their list
as well.

The talk I hear is about some island called PEI whatever that means, and a place
called Nova Scotia and the Cabot Trail. It seems we have been there before but one
of our good friends wanted to go so I guess we are getting ready. I do know it will
be a great ride for me as I sit on my pillows watching the passing scenery.

Maybe I can tell you about it when we get back, although I am not sure of the date
we are actually leaving. Meanwhile I will just relax and think about what is to come
as we go on the road again.

September 2, 2011

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