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Kudos from Diane and Bill Rafferty

Bill and Diane Rafferty

Good evening,

It was our pleasure to read Kay Mc Carteís article about the Orient Express. We
printed a copy for our memories. Kay and Margie are delightful people; frankly, they
were the highlight of the trip. We enjoyed their company on the train and again last
August when we were in Boston and had dinner with them.

This is the first time Bill has had pictures published. If they added to the story,
that was a bonus. Kay is such a good writer that she can do a picture in words. She
doesnít need pictures.

All our best to Melrose (except in the World Series. We are Phillies fans. If the
Red Sox make it and the Phillies donít, we will root for the Sox).

Bill & Diane Rafferty

Vineland, New Jersey

September 2, 2011

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