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Studies show that depression/anxiety is the second leading cause of sickness, not
far behind heart disease. I know there are many people who are suffering seriously
from depression and anxiety, including members of my own family, so I
don’t take it lightly. However, I also know that life can be a challenge
sometimes and it takes a lot of pushing forward to overcome the day to day
problems which all of us encounter. I remember my own feelings trying to get started in
life and my father dying at age 44, leaving my mother with six of us. I was 17 at
the time and getting a job, any job, was my first priority to help feed the
family. My education can wait. Later in life, getting married and having six
children of my own, and often feeling the pressure of responsibility, gave me
plenty of reason to be “depressed”. However, depression was foreign to me and my
objective was to keep going and to always overcome any adversity that came my way.
Whenever my kids have problems that seem insurmountable to them, my advice has
been to “suck it up” and move on, and they did and, over time, things generally
worked out OK. As the old saying goes, "When things get tough, the tough get
going,"  and look around you and see how much better off you are than lots of other
people. And as another old saying goes, "As bad as it is for you, it could be a lot

December 2, 2011

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