Random Thoughts

Thoughts while shaving

... the "No school" announcements.

by J im Tierney

Do you ever think that he/she is waiting for the other guy to cancel school before they announce YOUR  
kids' school? You wait patiently, watching the TV or listening to the radio for no school
announcements and your city/town isn’t there, although those surrounding you ARE there. You then have
to wait until they are announced all over again which can take some time, especially if the weather
is widespread. In the meantime, YOU are trying to get ready for work and thinking that you may have
to take a vacation day because the kids may be home and Grandma isn’t available. You may miss your
city/town because you’re brushing your teeth, so now you’re calling other mothers. School officials
have no idea what mothers (and fathers) go through in these situations and should be more sympathetic
on the timing of their announcements. Don’t get me going on closings that are not necessary and
mothers have to make the same arrangements when the kids CAN be in school. And don’t you feel useless
when you hear your WORK cancellation announcement… “only essential personnel need to report”, that
doesn’t include YOU!

January 6, 2012

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