Random Thoughts

Thoughts while shaving

by jtierney

Way back when, when the medical community couldn’t identify a medical condition, they called it consumption. It was a catch-all for any illness that baffled the doctor.  This name applied to many diseases, including cancer, and frequently was the cause of death on death certificates. Over the years, as medical knowledge improved, conditions were more easily identifiable and renamed. There seems to be a new catch-all term these days called “degeneration,” that applies mostly to the elderly. The older you get, the more things “wear out” and are either replaced, i.e., knees, hips, etc.,  or require therapy, i.e., neck, back, etc.  Fortunately, medical progress has advanced to the level of car repairs.  When a part wears out a new part is put in, or the old part is lubricated, and our car..err..our body is good for another few thousand miles. So be sure keep your doctor appointments for your “maintenance check” and get replacement parts, oil change, etc., as needed to prevent your car..err..your body from breaking down at the most inconvenient time.   

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