Sun shines, Victorian Fair draws record crowds

... ceremony remembers Melrose man from 9-11

from Don Norris

Observations and photos by SilverStringer Don Norris, now pushing 81.

Somewhere in the area of 12,000 people crowded into Melrose Square for the 27th
running of the Victorian Fair on Sunday, September 11th. This year there was a
special ceremony to honor the memory of Melrose native, Raymond Rocha, who died
in the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York, on this day, ten years ago.

Twins? Sisters? Good friends? No, probably operators of one of the close-to-200
booths that lined Main Street, between Essex and Grove Streets. At the right is a
happy fairgoer.

Entertainment lasted four hours -- and included these beautiful young performers.
Groups included choral singers, Irish step dancers, martial arts folks, musicians,
little children and men and women, young and old ...

The young lady with the fancy hairdo has to be a member of the Irish Dance troupe
that blesses the fair with their talented show annually. At the right, people at the

The lady with the straw hat is perennial fair favorite, Director of Ceremonies,
Marcie Holbrook. Also an important part of the fair are the volunteer
camera people from MMTV -- our own "Melrose Mass Television".

Face-painting is a necessary feature at ANY fair ...

... as is venting your ego by throwing a fluffernutter pie at some town bigwig. At
the right are beautiful ladies that dress up our Melrose fair.

Santa is out of season but nevertheless visits the VicFair at the obvious request of
the mayor. It provides a chance for we believers to meet-and-greet our Yuletide
friend. At the right are important clients visiting one of the near-200 booths.

New this year is a huge tent housing some dozen artists and artisans -- all under
one canvas roof. It was a nice (but needed) addition to our fair.

Oh, my goodness, are those hats or the latest hair-do??? One good thing about a
hometown fair -- you can dress up to be who you'd really like to be ...

October 7, 2001

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