It was a wonderful trip

... I knew it would be

by Casa

Last month I felt a trip coming on click here . And it was so
much fun once we got on the way.

We started out early one morning and got to a rest stop in a place called Kittery,
Maine. When we were getting back into the car our friend discovered that she did not
have something called a passport. I guess it was an important thing because we drove
all the way back to Melrose to get it and then started out again towards Maine and
points north.

I had my usual seat on two pillows looking out the front window and although we were
going quite fast it is always fun for me to see things passing by at about 75 miles
per hour.(I know the miles because my parent mentioned it as being almost close to
the speed limit).

We had to stop way up in Maine to show a man those passport things, which included
papers for me also. He asked a few questions about where we were born but nobody
mentioned that I was born in Puerto Rico so he let us pass into another country
called Canada. Canada did not look much different than Maine, but my parents and our
friend were happy that we were there. It took about 12 hours of human driving time
before we got to a very long bridge going to yet another place called PEI. It was
dark when we got to a motel to settle down so we could all get a good nights sleep.

Starting out the next morning we went to a place called North Point and I was able
to get off my leash for a quick run over the rocks and into the water. There were so
many big windmills in this area and it was very pretty so we walked around a bit to
enjoy our first day on this island. Our lunch stops were mostly eating outside since
I was not allowed into any restaurants. The places we stopped were near water with
beautiful views and places for me to walk around.


Second night there was a motel in a place called Cavendish. Our first stop this day
was to see a whole lot of buildings made with glass bottles. I had to be held for
this stop because dogs are not allowed and the owner was very kind to let me go
along in the arms of my parent. This was a neat place and with the sun shining it
was a rainbow of colors. Further on in the day one of my parents and our friend went
to see a person called Anne of Green Gables. When they came out we had a lovely walk
out back of Anne's house. The path was through wonderful woods with streams of water
and I was off my leash for most of this walk. That night my parents had lobster
sandwiches and wine and we ate at our motel with a view of water and waves.

There was a house we stayed at the next night called B&B and my parents and friend
had breakfast there before we got on the road again to get close to the ferry. We
drove the car onto this boat and went upstairs before the boat took off. There was
another dog on board and we had to stay outside because of some human rule. It was
foggy and then the noise of a horn scarred me a bit. The horn went off a few times
before I realized they had to do this to let other boats know that we were coming.
It ended up being an o.k. ride once the sun came out and we could see land again.

Now we were in Nova Scotia and heading for a place called the Cabot Trail. My
parents and our friend were very excited but kept checking the weather report for
some reason. We stopped in a place called Port Hasting, Great Britain planning on the
trail tomorrow or the next day. Next day we started around the Cabot trail and
stopped half way around in a place they called Meat Cove. I did not see any meat and
I am not sure what a cove is but we had to ride 16 miles off the trail, 4 miles on a
dirt road to get to this wonderful home way up high in the mountains, I think. There
were other people living there and we all had a wonderful time together. In the
evening I was even able to sit out and watch the humans eat sticky marshmallows on a
stick. (Why would anyone eat that kind of stuff?)

After breakfast we went the rest of the way around the trail and it was beautiful. I
loved seeing the water splashing on the shore and the trees and flowers made great
stops for me to get myself more comfortable.

We stayed in a two bedroom cabin at Peggy's Cove and we got to take pictures and
walk along the rocks before settling in for the evening. Next morning my parents
took pictures of the sunrise and then headed back to take pictures of the lighthouse
and rock formations. We enjoyed the sunshine and happy people all around us who
thought I was cute.

We did make a few stops in Nova Scotia; one to let our friend go down a coal mine,
for some reason. We drove backwards up a hill called Magnetic Hill and then my
parents and friend saw a Reversing Fall. We ate at a table ovelooking the water and
it was wonderful because I had a hamburger.  There were funny statues and a nice man
at an old railroad station. So many things to see my memory is getting heavy.

We had to stop before we left Canada and another man asked for those passport
papers. A few of his questions and I knew we were back in Maine when we left his

It was a great three days at my parents home in Maine. I really love it here because
most of the time I don't need to be leashed, and I can run in the water any time I
want to.

We got back to Melrose a few days earlier than expected but it was such a pretty and
enjoyable trip for me it was o.k. to be back.

I know that long trips are getting shorter, but whenever I see the maps or suitcases
out, I will always be ready to get on the road again.

October 7, 2011

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