New itsy-bitsy digital camera works!

... Stringer adds to his collection of Nikons

from Don Norris

To read the author's review of the Nikon 'Itsy-bitsy' Coolpix  
S3100, click here.

In my anxiety to play with my new toy -- sitting in the front seat of my wife's car
on a gray, rainy day -- the only color I could see was in the rear view mirror. So
here's my first flick with the Nikon Coolpix S3100. Not at all bad, on a really gray

At home or in the car, one looks for something that is 'photographical'.

Problem: Gray day, lots of rain, a wet windshield ... ah, technically, a lovely

Out in the woods, there's always something good to photograph.

Look at the shades or green, with touches of gray. A gorgeous marsh.

I thought it best to ask permission to photograph this barn in North Andover. It is
the careful cropping that emphasizes the lines; it's Adobe that lights up the
shadowed interior and gives depth to an otherwise flat scene.

What's going on here? Why, we printed the picture ...

And finally, some flicks of Harold Parker State Forest, in North Andover,
Massachusetts. The 8x10s of these small prints show off handsome scenes.

October 7, 2011

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