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The latest on Lennie

from Russ Priestley

After eight years, we continue to receive letters from our readers in relation to
just one article about Lennie's by Steve Johnson. "Lennie's on the Turnpike" was the
full description. This term "on the Turnpike" was well understood because that road was
the first Turnpike in the U.S., 26 miles of paved road to Newburyport, Massachusetts.
Now every state has a turnpike.

The location of Lennie's made it easy for big name bands to reach, either before or
after a gig in the popular Boston nightclubs ... and going to Lennie's was more

We learned recently that Lennie is in a nursing home. We can't divulge the location,
but if any old jazz buffs wish to send a card or letter, we will forward them to
Lennie. A small band of musician friends are planning to visit Lennie on October 12.
This group, with their musical instruments will serenade Lennie. It is possible that
any letters or cards which are received before October 12 will be delivered by this
group. Address them to Lennie c/o Milano Senior Center, 201 West Foster Street,
Melrose, MA 02176.

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